Pastor Mann
Pastor Bill Mann
Pastor Kumfer
Pastor Justin Kumfer
Pastor Wiechmann
Pastor Ralph Wiechmann
Pastor Labuhn
Pastor Tyson Labuhn
Pastor Peterson
Pastor Eric Peterson
Date Title Type Text Preacher
01/06/2013 Lessons from the Three Kings         pdf      Matthew 2:1-18 Mann
12/30/2012 Faith at Home         pdf        Peterson
12/16/2012 Is God Still in His Heaven?              mp3 Luke 7:18-28 Mann
12/09/2012 Precious People         pdf      Philippians 1:2-11 Mann
12/02/2012 Taking God at His Word: Tithing         pdf      Malachi 3:10 Mann
11/18/2012 Beyond the Church Walls         pdf mp3 Mark 13:1-13 Mann
11/11/2012 Six Practical Suggestions for Stewardship         pdf mp3   Mann
11/04/2012 The Benefits of Lifestyle Stewardship         pdf      2 Cor. 9:6-15 Mann
10/14/2012 Outreach Promises: Obstacles to a Successful Life         pdf mp3 Mark 10:17-22 Mann
10/07/2012 Outreach Promises: The Family Photo Album         pdf mp3 Mark 10:2-16 Mann
09/16/2012 Outreach Promises: Using the Tongue to Build         pdf mp3 James 3:1-12 Mann
09/09/2012 Outreach Promises: God's Love in a Diverse World         pdf      Mark 7:31-37 Mann
09/02/2012 Have a Heart              mp3 Mark 7:14-23 Wiechmann
08/26/2012 Authentic Christianity: Dotting the I's and crossing the T's         pdf mp3 Mark 7:1-13 Mann
08/19/2012 Authentic Christianity: Why is it hard to follow Jesus?         pdf mp3 John 6:51-59 Mann
08/12/2012 Authentic Christianity: The Lord's Supper         pdf      John 6:35-51 Mann
08/05/2012 Authentic Christianity: Doing the Work of God         pdf      John 6:22-35 Mann
07/29/2012 Authentic Christianity: The Fourth Watch         pdf mp3 Mark 6:45-52 Mann
07/22/2012 Authentic Christianity: Genuine Miracles         pdf      Mark 6:30-44 Peterson
07/15/2012 Authentic Christianity: Genuine Truth         pdf      Mark 6:14-29 Mann

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43115 Waxpool Road, Ashburn, VA 20148
Ph: 703-858-9254
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Sunday Worship Services

8:00 AM – Traditional
9:30 AM – Traditional (1st, 3rd Sundays)
9:30 AM – Contemporary (2nd, 4th Sundays)
11:00 AM – Contemporary

Holy Communion celebrated at all services
Nursery available Sundays 7:45AM – Noon

9:30 AM – Bible Study and Sunday School
11:00 AM - Bible Study

Our Mission

The mission of this church is to reach broken and hurting people with the saving and healing message of Jesus Christ.