Pastor Mann
Pastor Bill Mann
Pastor Labuhn
Pastor Tyson Labuhn
Pastor Kumfer
Pastor Justin Kumfer
Date Title Type Text Preacher
08/16/2015 Walk as Children of the Light         pdf mp3 Ephesians 5 Mann
08/09/2015 Take a Spiritual Examination              mp3 2 Cor. 13 Wiechmann
08/02/2015 I Am the Way         pdf mp3 John 14:6 Peterson
07/26/2015 Bring It Home--Raising Godly Kids         pdf mp3 2 Cor. 11 Mann
07/19/2015 Battling Giants         pdf mp3 2 Cor. 10 Mann
07/12/2015 Thankful and Generous Hearts         pdf mp3 2 Cor. 9 Peterson
06/28/2015 Correction         pdf      2 Cor. 7 Mann
06/14/2015 Living in Tents         pdf mp3 2 Cor. 5 Mann
06/07/2015 Our Treasure         pdf mp3 2 Cor. 4 Mann
05/31/2015 Letters from God         pdf mp3 2 Cor. 3:3 Mann
05/24/2015 Do You Smell?         pdf mp3 2 Cor. 2:14-17 Mann
05/17/2015 The Great Principle         pdf mp3 2 Cor. 1:1-4 Mann
05/10/2015 Pathway toward Healing         pdf mp3 John 21:4-17 Peterson
05/03/2015 Withdrawal and Avoidance              mp3 John 15:1-8 Wiechmann
04/19/2015 Invalidation         pdf mp3   Mann
04/12/2015 Escalation         pdf mp3   Mann
04/05/2015 Evidence for the Resurrection         pdf        Mann
03/29/2015 Love Like Jesus         pdf mp3   Peterson
03/22/2015 The Servant Heart         pdf mp3   Mann
03/15/2015 Filling Up the Empty Places in Your Life         pdf mp3   Mann

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Sunday Worship Services

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At Our Savior's Way, we glorify God and make disciples for Jesus by: Forming relationships, Experiencing Jesus together, and Sharing God's love.