In the Book of Acts (chapter 6), the early church cared for others, and so it is even today that the church cares and ministers to the needs of many. As an extension of Jesus’ hands and feet, Our Savior’s Way Lutheran Church, provides support to those who are hurting, helpless, and hopeless. Not only do we provide for those around us through our social ministry and missions committee, but we provide care for our members as well. Find support through one of these ministries by using the links below:


In and through Baptism,God cleanses us from all of our sins, and gives us everlasting life. This is all God’s doing as He gives us His blessing and promise. Through Baptism, God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit imparts to us the gifts the Lord Jesus Christ won for the world through His life,suffering,death,and resurrection.


Many couples come to the church to ensure that God is present at the start of their lives together. Our church sanctuary is a beautiful setting for such an occasion.


Whether or not you scheduled time to be in the hospital, its nice receive visit from someone from the church who cares about you.

Prayer Chain

The power of prayer is great! Sometimes we find ourselves full of concerns and in need of prayer, not just for ourselves but for others.


When a loved one dies, its often a difficult time. Yet its an appropriate time to hear what God's Word has to say about life, death, and eternal life. Let us care for you and your loved ones during such a time as this.



Parish Nursing

Our parish nursing program blends the both of two worlds - spiritual and physical. Check out the many parish nursing programs and information available to you here at Our Savior's Way.


Stephen Ministry


Contact Information

43115 Waxpool Road, Ashburn, VA 20148
Phone: 703-858-9254
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Sunday Worship Services

8:00 AM – Traditional
9:30 AM – Traditional (1st, 3rd Sundays)
9:30 AM – Contemporary (2nd, 4th Sundays)
11:00 AM – Contemporary

Holy Communion celebrated at all services
Nursery available Sundays 7:45AM – Noon

9:30 AM – Bible Study and Sunday School
11:00 AM - Bible Study

Our Mission

The mission of this church is to reach broken and hurting people with the saving and healing message of Jesus Christ.