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"And all who believed were together and had all things in common. And they were selling their possessions and belongings and distributing the proceeds to all, as any had need. And day by day, attending the temple together and breaking bread in their homes, they received their food with glad and generous hearts, praising God and having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to their number day by day those who were being saved." Acts 2:44-47

The early church began as one people who did everything together. They shared food. They prayed and helped one another. They became a church simply because they had one thing in common -- they believed in Jesus together. This summer Our Savior’s Way and Open Arms will be getting back to that core idea of “together”- what it means to be together, how being together in Christ influences who we are: together as church and school; together as friends and neighbors; together as children of God, created for Christian community.

Each weekly theme will begin with worship together as a family your family and friends. Our church family. Resources for each topic will be available at church and online, so no matter where you are this summer at home or away - you can continue the TOGETHER faith experience with family or friends.



Resources include a weekly Scripture on the topic, along with discussion questions, as well as suggested family activities, games or projects for a variety of ages and stages or inter-generational appeal. Also the links to those resources and more!

Your overview packet contains some things to use all summer long:

  • Flat Jesus - No one is too old or too young for this fun activity! Take Him wherever you go, even if it is just hanging out with friends and family!Take pictures of Flat Jesus by himself or with you. Share them with a short note on our Facebook page or at #flatjesusoswlc.
  • Together Tracker - Set some simple goals and track your summer progress personally or as a family.
  • Serve Your Neighbor - Use this simple game to be kind all summer long to those closest to you.
  • Skittle Prayers - A color coded, sweet way to prompt a variety of prayers.
  • Conversation Cards - A fun way to add to your mealtime talks. Cut the cards apart and put them in a basket. Pull one out and have everyone answer the question. Each week there will also be theme and Bible-related conversation questions. Choose the ones that suit your family.
  • I Spy Travel Scavenger Hunt - take on long drives or short. Do as a team, or make copies and see who gets them all first!

  June 24 - 30

This week we’re starting our “Together” theme for this summer. This theme highlights our need as individuals to gather with others so that we might receive that sense of belonging to something greater than ourselves. The primary way we do this at Our Savior’s Way is through worship. Worshiping our great God, even for just one hour a week, through Word and Sacrament, Prayer and Praise, we fulfill our need as we connect with fellow believers and, most importantly, as we connect with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It’s in worship that we receive His blessings and provisions to carry us forward.

Worship Together Resources

Your primary resource for Worship Together is here. Additional projects and ideas are below.

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July 1 - 7

Service is one of the clearest ways that a Christian can show their faith to others. Jesus once said, “love the lord your God and love your neighbor as yourself.” When we love our neighbors we serve them. We can care for them, provide for them, help them, and so much more. When we do these things for our neighbors we are serving them just as Christ does for us. It is out of our love for Jesus that we follow this command. We serve not only in our church community but in our neighborhoods, cities, as missionaries across the world, and in all ways where Jesus calls us to be His Church. The church works within the love of Christ and doing that together means serving our neighbors.

Serve Together Resources

Here is your At Home or On the Go resource. Additional projects and ideas are below:

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Play Together - July 8 to 14

Play together is the focus of our third week in the “Together” series. No one can argue that play is an important part of a child’s development. They learn how to interact with others, follow rules, develop their social and physical abilities and engage in some creative work. Jesus tells us we should be humble and trusting, like a child who relies upon others for love and care, trusting their needs will be met, rather than putting our hope in our own works or greatness. So, with that perspective in mind, this week have fun together and enjoy life, knowing that we can trust and depend on Jesus - like a child depends on parents - to give us all we need-especially eternal life.

Play Together Resources

Here is your At Home or On the Go resource. Additional projects and ideas are below:

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Read Together - July 15 to 21

Reading is a hobby that can be hit or miss. Some love to read while it is a burden for others. In the Old Testament, reading about God wasn't the normal way people first learned about Him. In the very beginning, people would tell stories to one another about God and His amazing works. Now we have the Bible, which is compiled from centuries of history about God and His people. Through these stores we learn about who God is, what He did and how much He loves us. These words are one of the ways that God talks to us. Thankfully, in our world today there are many ways to read God's Word. We can read through a Bible plan, listen to it on an audio book, or hear the stories about God from our family. Wherever you read the Word of God, know that God is speaking to you and wants you to learn more about Him and grow as His child.

Read Together Resources

Here is your At Home or On the Go resource. Additional projects and ideas are below:

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Love Together - July 22 to 28

While love has been defined in a variety of ways, God's love is best seen in His Son, Jesus Christ, who gave His life for the sins of the whole world. As Christians, we gather together around His deep, abiding love because it's His love for us that guides our thoughts, words, and actions. It's through our thoughts, words, and actions that we give witness of His greatest love, to the world around us.

Love Together Resources

Here is your At Home or On the Go resource. Additional projects and ideas are below:


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Create Together - July 29 to August 4

Our July 29 9:30 am hour will be a creative fellowship time, including an art project for the whole congregation! Then we will gather for worship at 11:00 am, including hearing our VBS children share their songs and experience of being Rescued by Jesus at SHIPWRECKED! VBS.

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Pray Together - August 5 to 11

Information coming soon.

Also this Summer

SHIPWRECKED! VBS begins "Love Together" week. Show the love of Jesus to our community this year by participating in VBS. Click here to find out how to register your children and how to volunteer.

Special Together Sunday

  • August 26: EAT! After our 11:00 am worship, share a community meal and enjoy some activities to celebrate how we have grown together as God's people this summer!

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